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Hi! I'm Courtney

I'm so excited that you're here!


I was an artist in the beauty industry from 2015 to 2021and I have always had a fascination with all things hair and fashion. The artistry and creativity that goes into each canvas, be it hair or attire, speaks to my soul on such a deep level.


After graduating from Rhode Island College and working in the world of marketing, I realized, the typical office 9-5 just wasn't my style. I needed more! So I finally followed my calling when I took a leap of faith and did a complete career change.

Photo Nov 20, 11 25 41 AM.jpg

Once in the industry, I loved that being a hairstylist gave me the freedom to express my creativity, meet fascinating people from all walks of life, and to help women feel beautiful in their own right. But life, as usual, had other plans. After receiving surgery for carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, and an ulnar nerve transposition, my body was clearly telling me it was time to make a change. 

My husband and I started our own E-Commerce business based on our love of travel and craft beer, Brewed Adventures. Getting to create designs for our products filled me with such excitement and a sense of peace. Getting to share our adventures with others has been pure joy. But there was still something in the back of my mind...

Part of my journey to being a hairstylist was my entrepreneurial spirit, creating a business all of my own. In this, I want to help others in their business journey (and of course, sprinkle in some hair health along the way). Having managed other's social media sites in the past, I've learned I have a skill that is useful in my endeavors. 

To all those who have been with me to this point, I send my deepest, most heartfelt thanks. This is for you.




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